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Package of UI tools useful for any kind of Unity projects

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DGTools UI

Package of UI tools useful for any kind of Unity projects


To install this package you’ll need DGTools-Core, click here to know how, then open “DGTools/Package Importer” window in the Unity Editor and click on “Install” next to “com.dgtools.ui”.

Then open “DGTools/Package Importer” window in the Unity Editor and click on “Install” next to “com.dgtools.ui”.

How to use?


Every component have an example that can be instantiated in the editor from the creation menu at path UI/DGTools/Components/{UIComponent name}. You can start from this example to create your custom component.

Obviously you can start from zero or override those components (See Documentation API for more details)

Components List

Abstracts and interfaces:

Those components should be overrided

  • UIComponent : The main class for every component. It provides usefull properties, events and methods to manage display, animations and relations.

  • IUITilable : This interface allows your item to be used as a tile

Basics :

Basic components are the components used by containers, but they can be used individually.

  • UITile : A generic tile that can contain any IUITilable item and display its properties. Feel free to customize it and override it at will.

  • UISelectableTile : A selectable variant of UITile

  • UIPanel : A simple Panel that implements IUITilable

Containers :

Container components are the power of this tool, they are modular and can be used in thousand of cases. You can fill them from the inspector with the items field or by script with AddItem().

  • UIGrid : A grid of UITile with auto focusing and events

  • UISelectorSimple : This components generates a list of UISelectableTiles from IUITilable items and allows you to select one.

  • UISelectorMultiple : Same as UISelectorSimple with multiple choices

  • UIPanelSwitcher : This component creates UISelectableTiles from UIPanels and switches beetween panels when you select matching tile


Modals can be displayed in front of all your UI with a blocking background. You can create you modals and easily open them from scripts. You just have to follow those steps :

1. Create your Modal Create your modal’s prefab (you can have an example with the Popup which is a Modal, you can instantiate it from create menu at path : UI/DGTools/Modals/Popup) and save it in a folder in a “Resources” folder (ex: “Assets/Resources/Modals/MyModal.prefab”).

2. Create Modal’s Behaviour You have to override Modal to create a custom behaviour for your modal. Example :

using UnityEngine.UI;
using DGTools.UI;

public class MyModal : Modal
	public string title;
	[SerializeField] Text titleText;
	[SerializeField] Button validateButton;
	protected override void Build()
		titleText.text = title;

	public override void Clear()
		titleText.text = "";

	void OnValidate(){
		Debug.Log(title + " validated!");

3. Add a ModalManager to your scene Add an Image to your canvas (You can name it “Modals”) and attach a ModalManager script to it. The image will become the background for your modals, so it should cover all the screen.

4. Open your modal To open your modal, you just have to do this :


There is a lot of other methods that you can use, take a look at them in the Documentation API

Bonus : Popup

You can use a modular popup with many settings with this code :

Popup.Open(new PopupSettings() {
		message = "What do you want?",
		callback = OnClickTrue,

Menus can be used like modals (Modal => Menu, ModalManager => MenuManager). More details will come.


Donovan Persent (Poulpinou)

Contributors :


See Licence

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