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A project to develop tools on unity

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 6 days agoCreated on January 3rd, 2019
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This project aims to centralize the various tools I develop under Unity. If there are things you can use, use it for free (under MIT license).

✦ Overview

The tools are designed to speed up iteration time for a better workflow efficiency. Most of them are independent but there is usually a common base (found in the Core/ folder).

✦ Features



  • UE4-like Blackboard: A class allowing to store an array of variables by entities. This allows information to be transmitted through multiple components while reducing their coupling.
  • Finite State Machine inspector framework (FSMState, FSMStateTransition, FSMStateTransitionCondition, FSMStateModule): Allows to design multiple states from the editor without using code (or very little).
    Finite State Machine and blackboard sample
  • Sensors (Raycast Utility to use raycast from asset descriptors, …)
  • Procedural action system (for 2D action games): Allowing to combine various tweakable actions (Hitbox for damage, Momentum for movement, StatModifier, Combo Sequence, …)
    Procedural action system
    A prototype made with the procedural action system

Advanced Editor Utility

  • Advanced Editor Utility (Animation, Input management, MinMaxRange, Physcis…)
  • GUI attributes to extend the editor (such as ReadOnly or LayerMask).
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