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Star Racer - Assignment for Game Engines 1

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Star Racer - Game Engines 1 Assignment

Star Racer is a audio-visual racing game inspired by AudioSurf. The game involves procedural generation and many visualizations based on the current music track playing. The aim was to create a something that a user could ‘play’ and interact with, while also performing some cool visual effects.

Youtube Demonstration

(Video doesnt do the whole experience any justice)


  • Race track length generated based on the length of the audio track playing.
  • Race track pulsates, escalates and slopes down based on the chosen frequencies in the track. Tweakable in the Unity Editor.
  • Collectibles that are procedurally generated on the track and can be collected by the player. These are generated for the length of the track and change in colour throughout. The total amount generated is shown to the player so they can see how many they missed at the end.
  • Two different camera angles (First Person, Third Person) that changes the experience.
  • Controller joystick support.
  • Visualization objects generated around that track that also pulsate and change colour based on the frequencies assigned. Tweakable in Unity Editor.
  • Lovely space skyboxes to reflect the title ‘Star Racer’.
  • Great audio visual feedback and sense of speed on the track.

Everything was developed personally except some aspects of the AudioAnalyzer which was taken from the course example project.

Favourite Aspect

Personal favourite feature is the moving racetrack, when a song has a lot of low frequencies the track snakes up and down and its really cool.

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