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Project - a game we made with Unity in C#

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Battle Arena

Project - a game made with Unity and C#

Dev Team

As part of my studies in the fifth semester at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences, four classmates and I developed our biggest project called Battle Arena with the gaming engine Unity in C#. It was also our very first time to work with the Unity Engine and C# and we really loved it.

We had eleven weeks for the developing and my part was to develop the main menu, the user interface, the scenes, implementing the background and combat music, implementing the sound effects and particle effects. I also helped my classmate with the combat system. Overall, we were two programmers, one animator, one composer and one team leader. Our animator, composer and team leader were also responsible for the voice acting and acting.

What can I say about Battle Arena?
Well, the team and I are really proud of our project because it was the first time we built and coordinated a team. Finding out the strenghts and weaknesses of each member and to share out tasks was a challenge but we tried and we did it and we did good. Each member of the team had a specific task and each member did an outstanding and very good job. Of course, we also sometimes had situations where we discussed very rough (in a very constructive way) but we always had the focus what would benefit the game. For us as a team it was very important that every team member has a voice and anybody can criticise anybody else's work if it's necessary.

Battle Arena is a story driven game with a turn-based combat system. You play as a warrior who got sucked into a battle arena fighting against enemies - in the end you have to defeat the Death to free yourself. Experience realistic characters that are filmed and digitized using the green screen technique.

Our focus was to develop everything ourselves - like background and combat music, sound effects, voice acting, acting, graphics, animations,... just everything!

For game testing, we invited friends and family to play and test the game.
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