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Sync Utilities For UNET

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Sync Utilities For UNET

Install Dependencies


Download a .unitypackage file from Release page.


Using Pacakge Manager:
Add following line to the dependencies section in the Packages/manifest.json.

"ga.fuquna.syncutil": ""

How to run Examples

  1. Add all scene files(*.unity) to Scenes In Build of Build Settings.
  2. Open and run SyncUtilExamples scene. this is a example scene launcher.

Syncing Parameters

Primitive Members

Behaviour.enabled, GameObject active

Random Per Instance

Spawner, ServerOrStandAlone

auto regist spawnable prefab

Spawner: spawn prefabs
ServerOrStandAlone: disable children on client

Scene Load Helper

unload online/offline scene on hierarchy when application play

Latency Check, Delay Rendering

dynamic delay rendering according to network latency

LockStep, LockStepGPU


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