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Makers Academy Final Project. For this project, we designed a mobile app game using C#, Unity and deployed it to Android.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 193 days agoCreated on August 8th, 2019
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A 2D Side Scroller Involving Dragons, Pirates & Sharks

Game Home Screen


Carl Chris Danny Jake Remy

Instructions for use:

  1. Go to this link & install Unity hub. You’ll need to create a free Unity account

Unity hub download screen

  1. Open Unity Hub & install Unity 19.2.0f1

Unity hub install screen

  1. Git clone this repo

  2. Open the project, then open the Unity_game folder in Unity Hub.

    The project will open and install the required assets.

  3. Once loaded, press the play button

Unity play screen Tap on spacebar to simulate user touch

Instructions for use on Android Mobile devices

  • Use android file transfer on laptop to drag and drop the ./FinalGame.apk


  • Deploying Unity App
    • Download Android SDK Tools from the internet
    • Locate the tools in Unity via Preferences/External Tools (it should auto find)
    • In Unity, create a key using Keystore:

      Go to File/Build Settings, select Android in Platform and click Player Settings… Here you will find the Keystore Manager. Select from the dropdown: select existing. Then browse to ./KEYSTORE.keystore.
      Then use the password to load the key.
      You will now be able to go to Build Settings again and Build the application.
      Follow the “Instructions for use on Android Mobile devices” to load the app on a device.

Technology Stack:

C# Unity Visual Studio Android
C Sharp Logo Unity logo Visual Studio Logo Android Logo


For the MVP we have a basic game. In which the dragon main character can infinitely fly through the level, avoiding pirates and flying through scorezones.

Version 1 - In progress

Version 2 - backlog


“Foggy Forest” menu loop by PlayOnLoop.com Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0

Menu scene by Water vector created by brgfx - www.freepik.com

“Countdown to Myocardial Infarction” main game loop by Peter Gresser

“Race Start Beeps” by Ulrich Metzner (remixed by qubodup)

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