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Augmented Reality interior design app

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Augmented Reality interior design app

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I. What is iDesign about

iDesign is an augmented reality Interior design app intended to help users to digitally display different furniture items using Augmented Reality, before deciding to buy the items for their home. Augmented reality essentially blends objects such as sofas, tables and other furnishings in the virtual world and lays them over the real world of a consumer’s living room or bedroom as viewed through a smartphone or in-store tablet.

This app will save the user’s time as you don’t need to go to the store and spend the entire day looking at different furniture and regret buying it. Before buying, buyers can view how the product looks like on wall, table on their phone iDesign by using AR technology. The benefits are clear, for everyone involved: less hassle, less travel, quicker and more intuitive understanding of how a space will look and feel.

II. Getting Started


Technology Used

  • Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies
  • ARCore - is a software development kit developed by Google that allows for augmented reality applications to be built
  • Native Gallery - native Unity plugin to interact with Gallery/Photos on Android & iOS (save and/or load images/videos)

III. Feature

  • Account creation.for normal users and sellers.
  • Design a UI where user can change between different items easily.
  • Ability for users to see a 3D furniture in their room and basic information about it.
  • Ability to browse different furniture in the catalogue
  • Complete the basic functionality which is showing different furniture on a flat surface and the information about the product
  • Ability to load a sample data set of furniture from the database and load it into user device

IV. Team

Minh Phu Millan Uka
Minhphu0304 Kadin
github.com/Minhphu0304 github.com/MillanUka
Kadin HoneyField Ben Velasco
github.com/KadinHoneyField github.com/BenNthen
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