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Game where you cool a server and try to beat the AI

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Game where you cool a server and try to beat the AI


UnityML API 0.9

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UnityML useful links

Setting up the Python environment


Alternatively you can use miniconda, see clankill3r’s comment


Atm we do it using the following steps, (we moved from pip to miniconda where possible).

install miniconda https://docs.conda.io/en/latest/miniconda.html

conda install python=3.6

conda create -n py36 python=3.6

source activate py36 (Do this everytime you open the terminal)

pip install “tensorflow==1.7.0”

conda install -c anaconda jupyter

pip install mlagents

navigate to the directory where you want the unity project installed:

git clone https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/ml-agents

cd ml-agents

cd ml-agents-envs

pip install -e ./

cd …

cd ml-agents

pip install -e ./

Train your UnityML environment



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