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Working on an android game made in unity. Currently very basic.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 177 days agoCreated on September 1st, 2019
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The current apk can be downloaded from []

Currently the game does nothing. There are 3 screens (or scenes) that are navigable. The game logic is still being worked. It is an idle game where you make patterns that are then replicated by training replicators to churn out your patterns until you reach another level where more complex patterns are needed. See what it should look like for more details on what I think the game should do.

Game scene screenshot taken on my galaxy a7 phone game scene screenshot

1 Created wiki - Had to make project public to Create wiki or pay to upgrade GitHub account. Decided for now prefer to make public.

2 Intended Collaborators

2.1 Will (Willhebe) project creator

2.2 Chris

2.3 Lou

3 Forked this project (my copy is AndroidUnityGameWillsCopy) I will change things then create pull requests to merge with the master

4 Files Now uploaded to master repository. Looks basic had to remove fonts and buttons. Added Instructions to copy to unity and test on phone

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