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Arena Shooter created in Unity using Photon Networking.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 316 days agoCreated on September 5th, 2019
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Gravity Combat (Student Project)


2.5D Multiplayer Arena Shooter made with Unity

"Gravity Combat” is a fast paced Arena Shooter, in which the players fight against each other in a space station.


  • Zero Gravity
  • Online Arena Fight
  • Different Weapons
  • 5 Gamemodes


  • Gameplay and Tool Programmer

Engine / Languages

  • Unity, C#, Powershell, Go


  • Implemented Photon Pun 2 for Multiplayer
  • Used Inverse Kinematic to create Animations
  • Improved Network traffic with simple compression and sending input
  • Implemented core based on MVC
  • Written a build pipeline to automate packing, uploading, version control

Gameplay Screenshots / Video

Build Download



  • BuildPipeline
    • Helper to automate build process in Unity(auto version,changelog),packing,uploading to itch and Google drive
  • TortoiseSlackSlave
    • TortoiseHg hook that posts in specific Slack channels about commits
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