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Unity 2018.4.9f1MIT LicenseUpdated 279 days agoCreated on September 30th, 2019
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Unity Test Client MayaVerse UDP/RUDP

This is a Networking Demo based on:

Projects used:

How to test

  1. Clone this repo:
  2. Compile project using Monodevelop or Visual Studio 2017.
  3. Start “MayaVerseNetworkingServer1.5”. For example: “mono MayaVerseNetworkingServer1.5.exe”.
  4. Build and run Client One. WARNING: Its a default in Unity to pause the game when it’s not in focus, you can change this in Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Resolution and Presentation -> Run In Background (see:
  5. Run Unity Editor Project for Client Two.
  6. Move cube on screen using runtime gizmo.

Pull requests

  1. [Fork] the project, clone your fork, and configure the remotes.
  2. Create a new topic branch (from master) to contain your feature, chore, or fix.
  3. Commit your changes in logical units.
  4. Push your topic branch up to your fork.
  5. [Open a Pull Request] with a clear title and description.


  • Only the code in Assets/Scripts is released under the MIT license
  • Other code libraries in Assets/Libraries all come with their own licenses
  • Any binary resources are more or less there on a “fair use” basis, don’t assume that you can just copy and use them
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