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Useful Unity plugins and utility functions

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The SaFrMo Template

MIT license - redistribute, modify, sell, etc. to your heart’s content!

The SaFrMo template collects some of the most useful plugins and utility functions I’ve put together as a Unity developer. These are tools that I find myself importing on just about every project, so making them a public repo seems to be a good way to save myself and others some time in the future.

How do I use it?

  1. Create a new Unity project at your target destination.
  2. Download the latest .zip of the SaFrMo template here.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file to your new Unity project’s root folder.
  4. Rename the ‘Template’ names as necessary.

What’s included?

  • Shader snippets, from the excellent Makin’ Stuff Look Good in Unity channel (link)
  • SaFrMo, a collection of utility functions I’ve put together during different projects
  • StringEncryption, which enables basic string encryption and decyrption given an arbitrary key (not meant for security purposes, but instead as a deterrent to modifying save files, dialogue assets, etc)
  • MenuRefresher, a utility class to auto-populate UI menus (see file for instructions)
  • Tooltips, a class to set up tooltips (see Tooltips.cs and Tooltip.cs for instructions)
  • VisualTimer, a class to set up visual timers (progress bars, etc. - see VisualTimer.cs for instructions)
  • ProximityTrigger, for events when one object is in range of another (see ProximityTrigger.cs for instructions)
  • Standard2dMover and Standard3dMover, for basic 2D and 3D movement
  • GameObjectHolder, for when you need a script to hold a reference to a GameObject

Wish List

  • Allow count up or count down progress on visual timers
  • Generalized RectTransform Follow actions
  • Improved creation of UI components (better scaling on RectTransforms, dynamic canvas creation, etc., especially in VisualTimer)

Wish List - Completed

  • A utility to create tooltips. Include tooltip text, prefab path or prefab GameObject, target screen position or Transform, and default lifetime for tooltips and/or confirmation/exit button text
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