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ᗤ First person VR Pacman, available on Google Play. Why not give it a five star review? ⭐️

Unity 2019.3.11f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 7 days agoCreated on August 14th, 2019
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Built with ❤︎ by Tom Hewitt

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Getting Started 🛠

  • Install Unity Hub and open the project with latest version of Unity.
  • If you want to test on an Android device you will need to install the Android module.

Contributing 🎉

Issues are currently tracked under the Issues tab. Choose an issue, branch off of the develop branch and code it! When you are done create a merge request to merge your changes back into develop. Once we are ready, the develop branch will be merged into the beta branch, where a beta build will be created from it and uploaded to Google Play. After the beta has ended, or another one comes along, then the beta branch will be merged into master. The beta in Google Play will then be promoted to production.

Make sure to update the Issue Management Project so the issues can be tracked effectively.

Versioning 🗂

Versioning is similar to Semantic versioning - MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (e.g 2.1.4)

  • MAJOR is incremented when a new feature has been introduced (like achievements being added to the game)
  • MINOR is incremented when there is a visual change that the player would see (like a menu change or a colour change)
  • PATCH is incremented when there has been only a code change (like a bug fix)

Code Style 💎

See Code Style for how to style your scripts.

Acknowledgements 🙌

  • Carmine T. Guida for Dreamlo. It’s a very easy to use online leaderboard and I’ve used it in many of my projects.
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