Homu Core


A collection of static Unity utilities

Any extra instructions will listed in the comments at the top of the file or functions.
Requires setting Unity to use .net 4.6/C# 6.0.
These are only tested against whichever Unity version I happen to be using (usually the latest).

MIT License
You may use these freely provided you give credit to “Teh Lemon” and include a copy of the above license.
I make no promises over the quality or up-to-date-ness of the code.

How to Install



Destroys the object in Awake().


Colors (Colors.cs)

Extends the Unity Color class to add extra color presets.

Vector3 (VectorHelper.cs)

Adds a shortcut method to Vector3s which allows you to change it by only specifying 1 or more components.

    Vector3 position = new Vector3(5,5,5);  
    position = position.With(y: 10);  
    // position is now 5, 10, 5  



The Standard shader at 0% opacity still has draw calls even though you can’t see it.
This surface shader however literally renders nothing and does as few calculations as possible.
Useful for hiding parts of a mesh via materials.
Found in the WakabaGames/Core shader menu.

Static Utilities

Math functions (MathHelper.cs)

A collection of static math helper functions. Check the comments for more details on each function.

Homu Suite

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