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A Unity3d MVC implementation of a turn based game.

Unity 2019.2.7f2MIT LicenseUpdated 169 days agoCreated on October 6th, 2019
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The idea here is to have the core implementation and the basic funcionalities of a turn-based game working in a clean repository, so every time a new project/prototype comes along I may use this implementation and skip rebuilding the basic mechanics.

Download Unitypackage

Structures and funcionalities:

  1. Two players, Top and Bottom; (can be extended to more players)
  2. Events such as Start and End match integrated with an UI;
  3. Events like Player Started and Finished Turn also integrated with a simple UI;
  4. Restart point.

I am not going to go further with details about the implementation because you can check the repo. But the idea is to have a MVC with a separation between Model and UI.

All the comunication UI and Model is done using the Singleton Pattern and the Observer Pattern.

  1. State Machine that controls the game flow
  2. Game Model
  3. Game Controller
  4. Mechanics
  5. Game Events
  6. UI
  7. Patterns and Tools

Gif for a better visualization of the game flow: alt

Default Configurations:


I made as example the project in this link using this idea.

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