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a 3D first person shooter I am currently working on with Unity in C#

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Project-ALONE-Game (work in progress)

As part of my studies in the sixth semester at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences, three classmates and I are now developing a 3D first person shooter called ALONE.

We have three months for the developing and my part is to program the enemies and player movement, health and attack, as well as the player’s shooting - plus weapon recoil, weapon switching and ammunition boxes. Furthermore, I am responsible for the particle system like the snow, fog, muzzle flash and hit effects and I did also the main menu and implemented sound effects. In addition, I am also the Team Lead in our group.

Check out my Twitter-Account where I update my work on this game and where you also can find come short clips I did of the game and show how it looks like in the moment.

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