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This is simple to use CurlNoise effect for Unity.

Unity 2019.2.3f1MIT LicenseUpdated 226 days agoCreated on October 9th, 2019
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Simple Noise effect for Unity

This project is simple noise effect for Unity. This project use a compute shader and use point mesh topology to render. So this project will work on OpenGL platforms well. Of cause DirectX platform is supported but the platform has no point rendering.

This project provide an effect like below.



You can set some parameters on the inspector like below.



Size means a point size.

Noise Scale

Noise scale means PerlinNoise scale. If you change the value, noise will change looking.


Rotation means that rotate each vertex before applying curl noise. So if you change this parameter, then the vertices are moved more aggressive.


Intensity means that how far applying to the value to each vertex. If you change the value, then all vertices are moved more far from origin.


Force means like force field. If you change this parameter, then the particle is moved belongs to the Force vector.

How to use

Put the prefab that named “ParticleEffect” into your scene. Then, you can set some parameters for displaying the particle like below.

Howto demo


You can also use animation with Progress method in ParticleEffect component like below.

ParticleEffect _particleEffect;

You can see the demo in SampleScene via ParticleDemo component on the ParticleEffect prefab.

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