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A VR Tutorial Creator tool for Unity that lets you super easily create tutorials for how to play your game and helps users figure out the different controller elements and how to use them. It helps with stuff like highlighting the right button / joystick on different platforms, handling vibration, has prefabs for showing tutorial tips that point to those buttons, ect... and works on all platforms automatically like Vive, Rift, Index, Quest, Go, ect..

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 215 days agoCreated on October 14th, 2019
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VR Tutorial Maker is an open-source, free Unity plugin created to help you quickly make controls tutorials for your VR game.

It has been tested in Unity Version 2018.4


  • Contains controller models for Rift S/Quest with highlightable buttons and joystick
  • Includes a built-in haptic feedback system
  • Includes “tutorial tip box” prefabs so you can point to buttons as you explain what they do in your amazing game!

Planned Features:

  • Works on all platforms (Rift, Vive, Index, Go, …)
  • Your work here

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