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AR Foundation Remote Debugging Tool for Unity

Unity 2019.3.3f1OtherUpdated 30 days agoCreated on October 14th, 2019
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ARKit Streamer

A remote debugging tool for AR Founndation (tested on 4.0.0-preview.1) with ARKit3 featrues. This is temporary until the Unity team has completed the AR remote functionality - Unity forum link

Human segmantation

Sample with VFX Graph


  • Tested on Unity 2019.3.3f1
  • iPhone X or more

Supporting ARKit features

  • Human Segmentation
  • Face (You need to apply the patch ar-foundation’s code as described below)
  • Plane tracking
  • 3D body tracking


  • This depends on NDI (Network Device Interface), download and install NDI SDK for iOS from

  • This supports Unity Package Manager. Open the file Packages/manifest.json and add following lines into scopedRegistries and dependencies section.

  "scopedRegistries": [
      "name": "npm",
      "url": "",
      "scopes": [
  "dependencies": {
    "com.koki-ibukuro.arkitstream": "0.3.6",
    ...// other dependencies
  • Apply 2 patch files
    • ARFace.cs see issue #2

      patch -u Library/PackageCache/com.unity.xr.arfoundation@4.0.0-preview.1/Runtime/AR/ARFace.cs < Tools/ARFace.cs.patch
    • Klak.Ndi on Unity2019.3 or more issue #7

      patch -u Library/PackageCache/jp.keijiro.klak.ndi@0.2.4/Editor/PbxModifier.cs < Tools/PbxModifier.cs.patch

How to Use

Set up Sender iPhone

Download this reposidoty and install on iPhone. Then run the app on iPhone.

Or you can simply add ARKitSender to your custom ARKit scene.

Recomend using USB connected network instead of Wi-Fi to reduce network delay.

Simurate on Editor

Add ARKitReceiver to the scene which you want to simuirate on Editor. If sender-iPhone app is running, you can select the NDI source name. also confirm the iPhone’s IP Address and port are correct.


For more infomation, please check Assets/Sample directory.

Setting for LWRP / URP

If you use LWRP / URP, you need also add the ARBackgroundRemoteRendererFeature to the list of render features. See AR Foundation Document for more information.



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