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Small Unity UI utility, adds a resizable border around a panel, minimize, scale, save to preferences

Unknown LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on May 5th, 2017

zDraggablePanel (Unity3D)

A little bit bootstrap UI, provides a way to have multiple windows of whatever floating on canvas, each window can be moved and resized. nothing too fancy but something I tend to use a lot - early on with the project there’s plenty of debug stuff on screen and I got tired of writing IPointerEnterHandler’s for each and every window. Hence comes this little template.

Last release focuses on ease of use - Whilst there is one prefab still neded (or two if you want to turn your panels off and on), but the script will now build the borders aroud a given panel on its own, in editor window, so using it requires just adding a component

Here’s a short video demonstration. New release adds some features like Image borders, which can be drawn narrow but raycast from a wider area, Corners (two dimensional scaling), and a new menu.



SOME bells and whisless added, like the expandable menu and works started on windows grouping

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