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Trying create AI from Unity UtilityAI

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Trying create AI from Unity UtilityAI

Test for AI Agate: Instruction

Learn two AI Framework/Concept, and check some of its implementation in Unity

  • Behaviour Tree
  • Utility AI

Create simple AI based on needs and activity

  • Agent have needs: Hunger, Bladder, Boredom
  • Agent will do action in 3 different spot based on what it needs
    • Eating to lower Hunger
    • Toilet to lower Bladder
    • PlayGame to lower Boredom
  • The needs meter will lower rapidly when doing Action in corresponding spot
  • Hunger and Boredom will increase slowly as time passed
  • Action in Eating spot will increase Bladder rapidly

Implementation Requirement

  • Agent movement and pathfinding implemented using Unity NavMesh system
  • There must be obstacles between 3 spot to make more complex pathfinding (using NavMeshObstacle)
  • Agent state is shown in UI using NGUI (needs meter for Hunger, Bladder, Boredom)
  • Implementation of decision making AI doesn’t have specific limitation, use any of AI framework and/or library as needed
  • Use MVC paradigm as much as possible in implementation

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