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Final Project for Prefabulous, LLC

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Final Project for Prefabulous, LLC

Flori Mission Statement

We intrinsically revolutionize leading-edge intellectual capital so that we may endeavor to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world. We strive to make an immersive, streamlined, and retro-inspired world with infinite possibilities, a remastered spiritual successor to Stardew Valley.

About Us

Luther Burbank once said,

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

Furthermore, Webster’s Dictionary defines Flori as:

Flori: An authentic, visceral gardening experience in VIRTUAL REALITY.


Enter Flori, where the only weapon you wield is a watering can and the pureness of your heart. Guns? Swords? Mini-nukes? You won’t need those here.

Wander around your garden and grow the most beautiful flowers of all time. Sell them at the market or keep them close-by and enjoy your pristine, visceral surroundings.

How to Play

Press down on the thumbsticks to teleport. Only when the teleport dots are green will you be able to teleport. Seeds can be planted in any of the empty pots and you may sell them or the flowers you grow in the box with this logo on it:

Flori Logo

Buy more seeds from the little pouches on the Market Wall and don’t forget to check your piggy bank for how much money you have!

Now get going! The adventure awaits!

FloriVR Demo

Key Features

Issue # Feature
5 Watering Can reacts to rotation (pours or spills based on angle settings).
6 Many assets were found to make the Flori you see before your eyes. Attribution links to models can be found on the Flori Wiki.
7 Water level in can accurately updates with pouring and spilling.
11 Flowers can be picked from planters and with good snap handles.
12 Objects dropped into the Market Box are sold! Your personal account balance is incremented according to a value set in each object.
15 User can teleport on designated pathways.
18 Seeds are plantable in pots and the interaction is visually appealing and immersive. Seeds are held in the palm of your Oculus hand which further adds to the immersion.
23 Intro scene creates a good segway into the world of Flori, with a unique tutorial.
24 UI System shows information on select objects when they are held at a set distance from the players eyes.
28 Planters keeps track of seeds planted within, when they can be removed, and other important factors like the amount of water drops to bloom.
32 The seed stand provides an intuitive way of purchasing seeds from the market.
35 Well is incredibly immersive - it detects when the watering can is submerged and quickly increments its water level.
41 All objects meant to snap into hand are optimized for player immersion.
44 Chickens wander on a baked NavMesh and exhibit a very chickenesque behavior. Cluck!
45 Dye bowls are incredible fun. Seed colors translate to bloom colors.
52 Oh, what fun! Tune in to Flori FM, where our radio host DJOsvaldo plays all the classics you’ve never heard.
53 Pot colors translate to stem colors!
56 There are two gorgeous flower models, each with custom seed and properties.
57 Our custom-made skybox is a peaceful component of the Florisphere.
60 Important objects are never out of reach! Certain objects “respawn” when dropped too far away to reach.
65 A savvy addition to our features list, a secret combo restarts the scene and another changes the level.

Team Rules

  • Give your all! This is going to be awesome and, didn’t we mention, visceral!


  • Update the team every day about work progress
  • Alert the Project Manager at least 2 days ahead if you won’t be able to work on the project (assignments, family, etc…)
  • Be available and responsive because we rely on each other heavily in such a small team


  • Use proper styling, as defined here
  • Declare variables with meaningful names, eg: bool isHoldingCan;
  • Beware the Update() function! Avoid putting code in an Update() when it doesn’t need to be!
  • KUHO for life. Keep Unity Hierarchy Organized - follow my example in the scenes or ask for help if you need it


  • Don’t struggle alone! After 2 hours maximum of getting stuck on a task, reach out to the @channel for help
  • Issues need to be defined with an assigned team member
  • Create and work in a new test scene when developing new features

Dev Environment


  • Never be afraid to do something crazy! We welcome any and all ideas, so dream big!


Bi-Weekly Roles

Every 3 days, we will assign supplementary specialty roles to each team member, eg:

  • VRTK Interactions Specialist - refine player controls to be as realistic as possible, as well as learn new ways of interacting with objects Summary Here (sections in the left column)
  • New Features Lead - develop at least one new and useful feature during your tenure
  • Quality Assurance Director - test developed features and scenes for bugs, work to fix them, and optimize current mechanics. QAD will notify @channel of bugs, so the whole team can help

Teammates can keep roles for multiple sessions, but must forfeit their role to another teammate who wants it.

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