Unity Extensions


Editor Extensions, useful utility script that I use in my projects. May be useful for someone out there.


  1. Mathd : Basically Mathf unity class with double insted of float
  2. RandomNumberGenerator : custom random generator class for double&float numbers. White noise.
  3. Smooth : Smooth class that I use in almost all my unity project. Can change the value of a given property in a given time. WIP.
  4. Timer : Small timer class usefull to measure time.
  5. Utility : useful functions that do not belongs to other classes.
  6. Vector2d/Vector3d : Vector2/Vector3 unity class with double instead of float. Useful when you need a larger precision.

Editor Tools

  1. Build Tools : useful extension to build one/two instance or start one/two instances of your game quickly. Path can be set in the .cs file.
  2. Scene Tools : Editor window to switch between scene quickly.
  3. Unity Constants Extensions : save/load your unity project preferences into a text file to share in your asset folder. Useful when you want to synchronize only the asset folder and not the whole project but still want to have your project settings synchronized.