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Visual Scripting Framework for Unity

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 15 days agoCreated on October 4th, 2019
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A generic visual scripting framework built on top of Unity’s experimental GraphView components. Heavily inspired by xNode and UE4’s Blueprints.

BlueGraph Preview

Work in Progress

This framework is being built to support features of an upcoming title and is not yet ready for prime time. But if you are interested in taking it for a test run yourself, let’s talk.


Most of what’s advertised for xNode, sans supporting older versions of Unity. Still in progress of trying to come up with a proper feature list that isn’t just lifted from theirs. Bear with me.

  • Lightweight runtime graph data
  • Editor built on top of UIElements and GraphView
  • Easily extendable for different use cases, including UE4-style flow control
  • Multiline comment blocks for grouping nodes
  • Modularization of nodes and grouping related nodes into searchable subcategories
  • Support for exposing pure static functions to the graph, without the need of wrapping each in a class (AOT platforms not supported - see Examples/ExecGraph for a possible solution)
  • Typed ports with automatic type conversions where appropriate. IConvertible classes supported.

Installing with Unity Package Manager

(Requires Unity version 2019.1 or above)

To install this project as a Git dependency using the Unity Package Manager, add the following line to your project’s manifest.json:

"com.github.mcmanning.bluegraph": ""


The core framework is built to be lightweight and support different workflows and requirements. The Examples folder includes various use cases and some advanced implementations.


Examples of how to add UE4 Blueprints style flow control to graphs via a custom execution port.

ExecGraph also includes a basic example of converting a graph into C# methods to improve runtime performance and support AOT platforms.


Demonstrates how to implement an IConvertible data type. DynamicVector ports can be connected to and from any Unity VectorN port.


Examples of how to create modules of FuncNode nodes that wrap basic Unity functions.


Other miscellaneous examples, including how to include IMGUI content (such as a mesh preview viewport) and customizing node styles.

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