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Unity plugin for importing SVG graphics in to Unity

Unity 2017.2.1f1OtherUpdated 82 days agoCreated on February 10th, 2018
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Unity Plugin for importing SVG files and creating a GPU friendly mesh representation of them.

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Compatible with

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Flash

• Corel Draw

• Affinity Designer

• Inkscape

supported features

• Simple & complex shapes

• Strokes and fills with transparency

• Linear Gradients

• Radial Gradients

• Conical Gradients

• Holes

• Clip Paths “absolute”

• Symbols

unsupported features

• Masks “SVG mask will be not supported due to hardware limitations”

• Text “most graphics editors can convert text to curves”

• Filter Effects - blur, drop shadow, glow, bevel

• SVG Animation

• Embeded Images

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