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Alpha Flashing Text 2. Smoothly flashing text. Unity Asset.

Unity 2019.1.8f1MIT LicenseUpdated 3 days agoCreated on October 18th, 2019
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Alpha Flashing Text 2.0

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Alpha flashing text. Smoothly flashing text. A simple script.
The script makes a smooth change in the alpha channel values.
You can change the alpha channel for several texts at once by setting different parameters.


To work on the project, you will need a Unity version of at least 2019.1.8 (64-bit).


The script uses a channel alpha limit from 0 to 1. If you set Max Alpha to 1.2 (Example 2), then after a value of 1, there will be a delay, this can also be used to achieve the desired artistic effect.

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Authors: #NVJOB Nicholas Veselov -

License: MIT License. Clarification of licenses -


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