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2D Multi-platform Multiplayer Top Down Shooter

Unity 5.4.0f3Unknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on March 21st, 2016
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As a side project, I am currently working on a top down shooter kit (for games like zombie/survival waves, team deathmatch, counter strike), that will look professional compared and compatable on mobile devices, including a lot of advanced features (AI, map editor) that can be implemented easily. Im not showcasing this kit yet, but maybe some betas can be tested if requested. Most kits are hard to use and difficult for beginners (most unity users that use kits are beginners), and thus this user friendly kit should contain custom inspectors, and documentation.


Game Lobby has been set up with working chat

Added a simple main menu with background music

Progression has been made on A* pathbinding for AI

Tile-based map editor with customizable textures

A HUD supporting 2 weapons icons, health with ammo bar (Minimap is also included)

More tile paint brushes including box fill (think magic wand from minecraft => massive time saver)

You can now hide the tile picker to save space

Finally introduced entities as a counterpart to tiles (are also serialized just as tiles in .map files)

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