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Disco Elysium Trainer

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 64 days agoCreated on October 28th, 2019
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This is an attempt -for educational purposes only- to alter a Unity game at runtime without patching the binaries (so without using Cecil nor Reflexil). To achieve that, we use SharpMonoInjector, able to:

  • dynamically attach to a process
  • call suitable methods to load an assembly in the Game AppDomain
  • call managed methods in the assembly.

So we have a very simple trainer for the excellent Disco Elysium game.

How to use the trainer:

  • Start a new game or load any savegame
  • Go back to the windows desktop
  • Run load.bat to inject the trainer into the process (you do not need to copy files in a specific location).
  • Use keypad / * to remove/add 100 rĂ©al.
  • Use keypad 8 9 to remove/add 1 skill point.
  • Use keypad 5 6 to remove/add 10 XPs.
  • Use keypad 2 3 to decrease/increase cap for all abilities.
  • Run unload.bat to disable the trainer.

You can compile everything or simply use the binary release.

Have fun !


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