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This repository contains 7 games which I have created in Unity using C#, both for Android Phones(.apk file) and devices with Windows(.rar file).

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Unity Games - Mobiles and PCs

This repository contains the following games:

-1. Color Switch 2Players;
-2. Line Rider;
-3. Doodle Jump;
-4. 350TheGame;
-5. Fruit Ninja;
-6. aa;
-7. Color Switch.

Both for Mobile Phones with Android and any device(pc/laptop) with Windows. Also, it contains the code used for creating these games.

Visual Representations (Windows Printscreens)

  1. Color Switch 2Players alt text

  2. Line Rider alt text

  3. Doodle Jump alt text

  4. 350TheGame alt text

  5. Fruit Ninja alt text

  6. aa alt text

  7. Color Switch alt text

Getting Started

For each game you can find BOTH .apk and .rar versions of the game for EASY PLAYING. Also, code can be found in the C# Scripts folders where .cs files are.


ANDROID VERSION ! For each game:

1) Download .apk version from "1. Android Version Installers";
2) Place it anywhere on your phone(If not already downloaded on the phone);
3) Tap the .apk and then tap the install button;
4) For step 3) your phone might warn you that "For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknows apps from this source.", but do not worry. This is because the app was not downloaded from Google Play Store, so:
4.1) Tap the Settings button;
4.2) Tap on "Allow from this source" in order to check it.
4.3) That's it, you should do this only for the first game and the it should not tell you this again. Otherwise, do the some for others.

WINDWOS VERSION ! For each game:

1) Download .rar version from "2. Windows Version Installers";
2) Place it anywhere you want to have the game then unzip the archive;
3) Double click on the .exe file and a pop up appears. Select "Ultra" on Graphics quality tab, then click on "Play!".

Also, you can view the C# code if you want.

Warning !

! If you can not extract the .rar, open a new terminal and write: sudo apt-get install unrar
! For each game you might get a warning on phone because .apk files were not downloaded from Google Play Store, but those are trusted apks ! For the .rar versions there is no warning.

Games Were Built With

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