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Ghost Hustlers game, made with ARCore Cloud Anchors for Unity, in a Flutter app.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 324 days agoCreated on October 28th, 2019
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A new Flutter project.

Missing files

  • run flutter pub get


  • Add ARCore Settings with your API Keys

Unity build for Android

  • open Build Settings and select Export Project
  • export project to GhostHustlersUnity/androidExport

run Unity build for iOS

  • open Player Settings -> ARCore
    • add API Keys (will be ignored by git)
    • set iOS Support enabled
  • export project to GhostHustlersUnity/iosBuild

build UnityFramework

  • File -> Workspace Settings
    • use new build system
    • set Derived Data to relative to project
  • set the UnityFramework as the active scheme

  • select Runner target from Runner project

  • in General / “Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content”, press +

  • select Unity-iPhone/UnityFramework.framework

  • in Build Phases / Link Binary with Libraries, remove UnityFramework.framework ( select it and press - )

  • add - (void)frameworkWarmup:(int)argc argv:(char*[])argv; to UnityFramework.h

  • add Data folder to UnityFramework target membership

  • if there is an error

  • build the iosBuild project

  • find the products

  • copy the products to where the error can’t find them


  • run pod install
  • download GoogleService-Info.plist from firebase and add to ios/Runner/
  • build, add missing libs (will be fixed later) then build
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