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Utilites for hooking into AndroidManifest.xml generation in Unity.

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Utilites for hooking into AndroidManifest.xml generation in Unity.


  1. Get this: https://github.com/mob-sakai/UpmGitExtension

  2. Install this repo from Unity Package Manager window, inside Unity.


using Eflatun.AndroidManifestHook;

public class TestManifestHook : AndroidManifestHooker
    protected override void Modify(AndroidManifest androidManifest)
        var value = androidManifest.SetAttributeWithAndroidNamespace(androidManifest.ApplicationElement, "foo", "bar");

The code above will result in this:

    <application ... android:foo="bar">

You need to create an asmdef file with:

  1. only Editor platform selected
  2. a reference to Eflatun.AndroidManifestHook asmdef

for your manifest hooker scripts. Otherwise you will get build errors.

It should look like this:

asmdef screenshot


MIT license. Refer to the LICENSE file.

Copyright © 2019 S. Tarık Çetin.

This library is basically a convinience wrapper around this StackOverflow answer by pale bone.

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