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Diplomata is a Unity multi language dialogues content management system and editor extension inspired by Twine, like Fungus and Yarn, but is not node based.

Diplomata manage optionally other contents of a game like characters, inventory, quests, animations and sprites.

Idealized for screenwriters, game designers, programmers and hobbyist writers, to configure and apply dialogues in any type of game.



  • Text edition in an organized environment split by characters and contexts.
  • Manage characters, contexts, and messages separately from the scene objects.
  • Add multiple languages for your game.
  • Fuzzy logic system to influence organically the characters with custom attributes.
  • Use colors in the message cards to organize your messages in your own way.
  • All text and preferences are saved in json files, making it easy to use external tools.
  • Export text to screenplay format for actors understand the story.
  • Use templates or create your own. (In development)
  • Internal system to save and load game progress, you can use as is or side by side with your own persistence system.
  • Choose and manage audio files to play when message show, taking into account the configured language.
  • Manage animator attributes in any message.
  • Choose and manage sprites to show in every message.
  • Inventory integration with title and description in multiple languages.
  • Create custom flags to authoring your game progress.


All files in this repository is licensed under a MIT License.

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