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TodoIst Unity Plugin

Unity 2019.1.14f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 210 days agoCreated on October 27th, 2019
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πŸš€ TodoIst

Space for your tasks in unity


πŸ“ List of features

  • General features
    • Variable hastags to create task
    • Make your own tags
    • Filter tasks by variable options
    • View tasks layouts
  • Code-First Implementation
    • Generating tasks from code
    • Open a script exactly on task line
    • After task is done, remove todos from code

πŸ” Feature description

  • Variable hastag search

    • TODO
    • BUG
    • FIX
  • Variable Filters for sorting

    • Priority
    • Hastags
    • Tags
  • Own priority for tasks

    • ///TODO: Without priority


    • ///!TODO: Priority lvl 1


    • ///!!TODO: Priority lvl 2


    • ///!!!TODO: Priority lvl 3


  • Custom tags for tasks

    • ///TODO<Animation>: Implement anim controller


    • ///FIX<Refactor,Animation>: Improve character anim


  • Symbols

    • icon_done Mark as done
    • icon_script Open script on line
    • (16) Task line

πŸ“¦ Installing

  • Download package and import to Unity
  • Package Folder Dependency
    • …/Assets/Scripts/Editor/TodoIst
    • …/Assets/Resources/TodoIstIcons

πŸ—ƒ Feature request

If you have feature requests, let’s talk about them in this issue!

πŸ‘· Soon features

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