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This demo uses flutter unity view widget to show AR KIT with Unity3D

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 343 days agoCreated on October 21st, 2019
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flutter_unity_widget ARKIT DEMO

Demonstrates how to use the flutter_unity_widget plugin with Unity3D ARKIT using the Unity Foundation Demo.

Run the sample on Android

  1. Open the unity project and build it: Menu -> Flutter -> Export Android
  2. Copy android/UnityExport/libs/unity-classes.jar to android/unity-classes/unity-classes.jar and overwrite the existing file. You only need to do this each time you use a different Unity version.
  3. flutter run

Run the sample on iOS

  1. Open the unity project and build it: Menu -> Flutter -> Export iOS

    Be sure you use at least Unity version 2019.3 or up.

  2. open ios/Runner.xcworkspace (workspace!, not the project) in Xcode and add the exported project in the workspace root (with a right click in the Navigator, not on an item -> Add Files to “Runner” -> add the UnityExport/Unity-Iphone.xcodeproj file

  3. Select the Unity-iPhone/Data folder and change the Target Membership for Data folder to UnityFramework

  4. flutter run

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