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A simple moon lander game AI with Unity ML Agents

Unity 2019.2.9f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 110 days agoCreated on November 2nd, 2019
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A simple moon lander game AI with Unity ML Agents


In order to train the model, you need a conda environment with python 3.6 tensorflow 1.7.1 and mlagents. Once you have all that, you can go to the proyect directory and run the following command

mlagents-learn moon_lander_config.yml --train

After that, you need to open the Train scene in unity and hit Play.

When the training is done, this will generate a MoonLanderLearningBrain.nn file, which you will need later.

Making the trained model play

To make the trained model play, open the Play scene in Unity, select the MoonLanderTrainedBrain file in assets and assign the previously generated MoonLanderLearningBrain.nn file to the model field. Hit Play and watch it land.

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