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Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 9 days agoCreated on July 4th, 2017
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Mobile Game Apps

I made two Android game apps using Unity called Galaga and Chinese Puzzle. Galaga is based on the classic arcade game and it was my first game I built using Unity. However Chinese Puzzle is a game I created and built from scratch. The game took three months to build and came with all sorts of challenges. Both games are published on Google Play Store. Links are at the bottom of page.


Screenshot_20191107-121905_Galaga Screenshot_20191107-121730_Galaga Screenshot_20191107-121801_Galaga Screenshot_20191107-121809_Galaga Screenshot_20191107-121817_Galaga

Chinese Puzzle

Screenshot_20191107-121233_Chinese Puzzle Screenshot_20191107-121302_Chinese Puzzle Screenshot_20191107-121417_Chinese Puzzle Screenshot_20191107-121434_Chinese Puzzle Screenshot_20191107-121523_Chinese Puzzle

Build With

  • Unity(Game Engine)
  • C#


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