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Better alternative for Unity's PlayerPrefs

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Better alternative for Unity’s PlayerPrefs

Edit > Local Preferences > Player / Editor

Made in Unity 2019.3, but should work with older versions.


  • Save your Game or Editor preferences in JSON files
  • Encrypt game data with Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Manage data files in Editor Window (Playmode Supported)
  • Auto Save on player quit
  • Slighly faster than PlayerPrefs (even with enabled Encryption)


Set 1000 floats 10000 floats
LocalPrefs 3-6ms 30-50ms
PlayerPrefs 40-45ms 6,300ms
Get 1000 floats 10000 floats
LocalPrefs 4-6ms 32-40ms
PlayerPrefs 2ms 67ms
Encryption 1000 floats 10000 floats
Load 40-60ms 40-60ms
Save 40-60ms 40-60ms

Note: Not tested on Linux, Android.


  • Rijndael Encryption
  • Optimized scroll view
  • Support for more types (Texture as byte array, Matrix4x4, etc)
  • Delegate on preference changes
  • Default save file
  • Advanced search filter
  • Reordering
  • Documentation
  • Guideline on implementing custom types
  • Make asset as package
  • Get Async?
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