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This packages enables lists that can be nicely displayed in the editor. It's fully extensible.

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This packages enables lists that can be nicely displayed in the editor. It’s fully extensible.

Contains two implementations:

  • UnorderedGameObjectList
  • OrderedGameObjectList

Both are very similar, they display a list of game objects, however the ordered one has ordering buttons.


using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;

public class MyTestMono : MonoBehaviour
   public UnorderedGameObjectList GameObjectsList1;
   public OrderedGameObjectList GameObjectsList2;

// This is required to enable the use of GUILayout. Can also be put in own file.
[CustomEditor(typeof(MyTestMono)), CanEditMultipleObjects]
public class MyTestMonoCI : Editor{}

This should give you something similar to:


List of Custom (Unity)Objects

Implement as above but define your own EditList and ObjectListDrawer. T Must derive from UnityEngine.Object.


using System;
using UnityEngine;
using Sibz.EditorList;

public class OrderedColliderList : EditorList<Collider> { }


using Sibz.EditorList.Editor;
using UnityEditor;

public class OrderedColliderListDrawer : ObjectListDrawer<Collider> { }

List of anything

Anything can be listed, you either have to write a custom property drawer for the object you are listing, or override the default ListView.

  1. If you made your CustomPropertyDrawer for the property on the list:
public class CustomObject {
   public string Name;
public class OrderedCustomObjectList : EditorList<CustomObject> { }

Note overriding ListDrawer here (not ObjectListDrawer):

public class CustomObjectListDrawer : ListDrawer<CustomObject> { }
  1. If you want to do your own thing for the item, then you have to override ListDrawer.ListItemDrawer:
public class CustomObjectListDrawer : ListDrawer<CustomObject>
  protected override void ListItemDrawer(SerializedProperty listProperty, SerializedProperty listItemProperty, int index)

Custom List Result:


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