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Repo for code that I can easily reuse across multiple Unity projects.

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Repo for code that I usually end up writing over again and again when working on multiple different kinds of games so I decided to create a custom Unity package to make life easier. Feel free to make use of this yourself and I am happy to consider pull requests whilst also fixing reported issues.

Installing with Unity Package Manager

Make sure you have your Api Compatibility Level as .NET 4.x (Edit/Project Settings/Player/Configuration) Api Compatibility

To install this project as a Git dependency using the Unity Package Manager, add the following line to your project’s manifest.json:

"com.dapperdino.dappertools": "https://github.com/DapperDino/Dapper-Tools.git"

You will need to have Git installed and available in your system’s PATH.

If you are using Assembly Definitions in your project, you will need to add DapperTools and/or DapperToolsEditor as Assembly Definition References.

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