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SlnMerge merges the solution files when generating solution file by Unity Editor.

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SlnMerge merges the solutions when creating solution file by Unity Editor.


Works with

  • Unity 2018.4.5f1 + Windows 10 and macOS 10.15
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • JetBrains Rider 2019.2

How to use

1. Copy src/SlnMerge.cs to Assets/Editor in your Unity project.

2. Create ProjectName.sln.mergesettings and configure a target solution.

Create a setting XML file named <ProjectName>.sln.mergesettings.

For example, when the project name is MyUnityApp, Unity Editor generates MyUnityApp.sln. You need to create MyUnityApp.sln.mergesettings.


You can specify the target solution to merge by MergeTargetSolution element.

NOTE: If you don’t have the settings, SlnMerge uses ProjectName.Merge.sln as a target.


The mergesettings file has the following settings:

  • Disabled: Disable SlnMerge (default: false)
  • MergeTargetSolution: Path of the solution you want to merge
  • NestedProjects: Specify the projects to nest. Usually used as a solution folder
    • NestedProject/FolderPath: Folder path on solution (created if it doesn’t exist; mutally exclusive with FolderGuid)
    • NestedProject/FolderGuid: GUID of folder on solution (mutally exclusive with FolderPath)
    • NestedProject/ProjectName: Project name (mutally exclusive with ProjectGuid)
      • Wildcard is available (?, *)
    • NestedProject/ProjectGuid: Project GUID (mutally exclusive with ProjectName)
  • ProjectConflictResolution: Processing strategy when a solution contains a project with the same name (PreserveAll, PreserveUnity, PreserveOverlay)
    • PreserveAll: Preserve all projects (both Unity generated projects and original projects)
    • PreserveUnity: Preserve Unity generated projects. (discard original project in a overlay solution)
    • PreserveOverlay: Preserve original projects in a overlay solution. (discard Unity generated projects from a merged solution)

Add projects to solution folders

You can use NestedProjects settings to move projects to solution folders. When a solution folder doesn’t exist, SlnMerge will add the solution folder to the solution automatically. But, you need to define a solution folder as SolutionFolder in mergesettings.

        <!-- Define a solution folder named 'Unity' with GUID -->
        <SolutionFolder FolderPath="Unity" Guid="{55739033-89BA-48AE-B482-843AFD452468}">
        <NestedProject ProjectName="Assembly-CSharp" FolderPath="Unity" />
        <NestedProject ProjectName="Assembly-CSharp-Editor" FolderPath="Unity" />


Always regenerate the solution file, and Visual Studio displays a conflict dialog.

  1. Close Unity Editor.
  2. Delete .csproj and .sln are generated by Unity Editor.
  3. Reopen the project in Unity Editor

If a merge target solution has a project with the same name in the Unity generated solution, you can use use ProjectConflictResolution option to fix the conflict in a 3-way.

  1. Preserve all projects (by default)
  2. Preserve the project in the merge target solution
  3. Preserve the project in the Unity generated solution


MIT License

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