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Unity 2018.3.13f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 226 days agoCreated on November 14th, 2019
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This game is created using Unity C# with a mock scenrio where I am responsible to create a game for Uniqlo to promo their new collection “KAWS x PEANUTS”.


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The game is to control Snoopy by following the arrow signs so that he will do the right pose and let the gate pass thorugh him safely.

  1. Read the Arrow Signs on the ground
  2. Draw on the screen the direction of the Arrow Signs
  3. Snoopy will do the correct pose
  4. The gate will pass thorugh Snoopy safely

Video of Playing the Game:


Download APK

Run the Project

  1. Clone this git repository
  2. Open Unity
  3. Select Open Project
  4. Select the project folder ~/SnoopyTheAdventureInUniqlo
  5. Click Open


  1. Menu BGM taken from:
  2. Level BGM taken from:
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