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Mobile game build using Unity2D - With the aim to showcase the "Liebesmaien" tradition of west germany

Unity 2019.2.14f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 245 days agoCreated on November 7th, 2018
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German Valentine

A 2D Pixel Art Game build for Android with Unity 2D

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🌳 Origin of the Game

The german “Liebesmaien” tradition is celebrated on the first of May. It is in its essence very close to the more well-known Valentines day. But instead of chocolate, german bachelors go out into the woods to chop down trees, dress them up and then secretly place them at the houses of their crushes.

🥇 Goal of the Game

The Goal of the game is to deliver your tree with the highest score possible. Your score is affected by your speed, the quality of the tree you pick and how well you can throw it onto the roof of your crush.

🏗 Creation Context

This game was built for the module Digital Design 2018 at Westerdals Oslo ACT. We were free to choose any design project within the topic “Where are you from” and I choose to build a game focusing on my favorite german tradition.

I created all used sprites and most of the sound effects myself. This is the most animation work I have done for a project so far and I am very pleased with the result. All in all, this was a great opportunity to learn Unity and get some more experience in digital design.

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