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Strategy roguelike shooter. Build powerful structures and gun down your foes on procedurally generated levels.

Unity 2018.3.12f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 309 days agoCreated on November 22nd, 2019
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Rooty Tooty 2D Shooty

This childhood throwback combines elements from RTS, roguelikes, and top down shooters to create a fast pace 1v1 experience for the whole family. Grab your controller and jump right in to Rooty Tooty 2D Shooty!



Players start off on opposite corners of a procedurally generated map. When the game begins, both players drive their tank to collect Fluff and Plastic resources. They use these resources to build offensive and defensive buildings anywhere on the map. Just because a player is blown up doesn’t mean they’re out of the game! A player wins by destroying the other’s home base.



Start out by fortifying your base with our standard turret. It automatically detects and eliminates the enemy player and their minions. Careful though! The turrets can only target so close, and have a very exploitable weakness wink wink nudge nudge.

Army Men Bucket

Place down a bucket of army men to start spawning wave after wave of vicious little army men. The player can command them to either attack or defend, so having a good tactical mind is key.

Toy Chest

Don’t be fooled by the cute teddies inside. This building spawns ferocious teddy bears who can really take a beating. Careful not to get too close or you’ll feel the power of their terrifying smash attack!

Repair Station

Drop a repair station after a heated engagement with the enemy, and you’ll be good as new in a matter of seconds. The little engineers inside have a keen eye though, so don’t go sneaking into an enemy’s repair station expecting a helping hand.


All team members contributed equally to the development of RT2S.


starting_at_base Players always start at opposite ends of the map.

action_shot Players have unlimited ammo, so FIRE!!!

death_and_building Upon killing Player 2, Player 1 takes the opportunity to construct an ARMY GUYS structure.

minions_approaching_base Player 1 is on the march.

victory_screen Victory!

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