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Simple MMO-type chat UI component for Unity

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on November 21st, 2019
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UI Chat component

Screen with the program window

What is this

This is UI component for simple MMO-type chat window. For Unity of course. Features:

  • Scrollable area with chat messages
  • Background of the scroll area change the color when chat is activated and deactivated
  • Automatically deactivate input string after sending message to the server
  • Control limit of the entire messages in the chat
  • Control limit of the one message length


Drag chat prefab as child of the Canvas object. ChatController component has two public functions, which should be called from the main application:

void SendMessageString(string message)


void ComeMessageString(string message)

Call the first function SendMessageString to send message from input string to the server (you should manually implement sending to the server). Call the second function ComeMessageString when the new message come from the server (then it appears on the chat list automatically). Also you can add some filters inside the function SendMessageString before sending string to the server: cutout some symbols, trim spaces and so on.

Addon contains simple script ChatInputController. This script should be added to any object on the scene (for example to the camera). When the user press Enter, then this script activate the chat input line. Press Enter again or Esc button, and the input line will be deactivated.

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