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The Singular SDK Integration Unity Sample App

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 212 days agoCreated on November 24th, 2019
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Singular’s Unity SDK Sample App


This app demonstrates Singular’s best practices for implementing the Unity SDK.

This sample contains examples of:

  • Initializing the SDK
  • Setting custom user id
  • Sending custom events
  • Sending simple revenue events
  • Sending in app purchase events
  • Handling deep links / deferred deep links

Getting Started

To run the sample app you’ll have to configure your own API Key / Secret as follows:

  1. Retrieve the API Key & Secret from your account’s SDK Keys page
  2. Open the unity-sample-app project using the Unity3d editor
  3. Click on the SingularSDK object in the canvas object

Alt text

  1. In the Inspector pane, copy the API key & Secret to the Singular API Key / Secret fields in the Singular SDK script

Alt text

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