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UGUI Panel Systems for navigation, animation and more

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Gameframe.GUI 👋

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This is a library of GUI helpers for UGUI
Includes a panel system that implements a navigation stack.
Includes a scene transition system.
Includes a shader for blurring the background of UI panels.

Quick Package Install

Using UnityPackageManager (for Unity 2019.3 or later)

Open the package manager window (menu: Window > Package Manager)
Select “Add package from git URL…”, fill in the pop-up with the following link:

Using UnityPackageManager (for Unity 2019.1 or later)

Find the manifest.json file in the Packages folder of your project and edit it to look like this:

  "dependencies": {
    "com.gameframe.gui": "https://github.com/coryleach/UnityGUI.git#2.0.0",


After importing via the PackageManager import the Demo unity asset package from the demo folder.


PanelView which provides Show & Hide behavior which can be instant or async and awaitable.


References one or more IPanelAnimator components to control animate the Show & Hide of a panel. If you await the Show & Hide async methods


Controller for the display of a PanelView.


A version of PanelViewController that is also a MonoBehaviour component that can be added to a game object. Often you may want to set up & configure PanelViewControllers with data other than the panel type and using this class will allow you to do that in editor.


A scriptable object representation of a panel stack. Main purpose is in maintaining the navigation history of a menu. Push and Pop panel controllers onto this stack. If any PanelViewStackController component that subscribes to the PanelStackSystem will respond to the push and show/hide the corresponding panels. Generally the top PanelViewController on the stack is always visible.


A MonoBehaviour that references a PanelStackSystem. It responds to changes in the panel stack by getting the current showing and hiding controllers. It will then perform the necessary transitions.


A scriptable object which services is a collection of PanelViewControllers. Generally you register PanelViewControllerBehaviour with a provider so that you can push them using the PanelPusher component. It also controls the location that views are parented to in the hierarchy.


Add this component to a PanelViewControllerBehaviour to register the controller with a PanelViewControllerProvider instance.


Contains information about a panel and is used by the PanelViewController to locate the prefab and instantiate the PanelView.


👤 Cory Leach

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