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Audio visual experience with Roland Groovebox MC-101 and the Unity game engine

Unity 2019.3.9f1The UnlicenseUpdated 72 days agoCreated on November 20th, 2019
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Grubo is an experimental project that aims to present an audio-visual experience using Roland Groovebox MC-101 and the Unity game engine.

System requirements

  • Unity 2019.3
  • HDRP compatible desktop system

How to use

Grubo uses a MIDI connection to control visual effects from MC-101. You can use a physical MIDI connection (MIDI interface + MIDI cable) or a USB cable connection with the MC-101 MIDI driver (only available for Windows and macOS).

You have to enable MIDI message transmission (TxUSB MIDI/TxMIDI Out) on all four tracks. These options are available from the track settings menu (press SHIFT and TRACK SEL 1 - 4). Please see the reference manual for details.

The visualizer is designed under the assumption that each track is assigned as follows:

Track Type Visual Effects
Track 1 Drums 1 Structure effects
Track 2 Drums 2 Camera effects
Track 3 Synth 1 Ribbons 1
Track 4 Synth 2 Ribbons 2

There are a few key controls. All the visual effects are disabled by default, so at least you have to enable one of these effects by pressing 1 - 5.

Key Function
1 Toggle track 1 effects
2 Toggle track 2 primary effects
3 Toggle track 3 effects
4 Toggle track 4 effects
5 Toggle track 2 secondary effects
q Color scheme 1
w Color scheme 2
e Color scheme 3
r Color scheme 4
t Randomize color scheme
a Toggle hue shifter
z Toggle invertion effect
  • Grubo uses the Minis plugin that allows Unity to receive MIDI messages via the new Unity input system.
  • The Kino post processing effects are used to create its lo-fi visual style.
  • All the visual elements are rendered with Visual Effect Graph.
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