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Setup Unity for mobile development with XCode iOS simulator tests

Unity 2019.2.12f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 247 days agoCreated on November 29th, 2019
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Setup Unity for mobile development with XCode iOS simulator tests



  1. Find the lightning settings lightning settings location
  2. Remove real-time light and perform the baked light map light baked


  1. Menu bar at Unity:
    1. Window > Package Manager

    2. All Packages (filter)

      1. Lightweight RP > Install


      1. LWRP Create


      1. LWRP Config


      1. MenuBar > Edit > Project Settings > Graphics > Drag&Drop created LWRP (LWRP Set)


      1. after LWRP Set everything get pink (LWRP Process):

        1. MenuBar > Edit > Render Pipeline > Upgrade Project Materials to Render Pipeline

        LWRP Process

        1. IF Still anything pink (update it specific shader):

        LWRP Specific Pink Process

Switch Platform (prefer iOS on MAC)

  1. Menu bar at Unity
    1. File
    2. Build Settings
      1. Select “iOS” and click on “switch platform”
      2. Click “Add Open Scenes”
  2. Click “Player Settings” for the next steps

Switch Platform

Define Orientation

At “Player Settings”:

  1. Select the platorm (phone icon is iOS)
  2. “Resolution and Presentation”:
    1. Default Orientation = ‘>’ (landscape) ‘^’ (portrait)
  3. Allowed Orientations for Auto Rotation

Define Orientation

iOS Processing - Proj. Settings

  1. Color Space = “Gamma”
  2. Auto Graphic API = “Metal + OpenGLES3”
  3. Bundle Identifier = “com.Company.Proj”
  4. Target SDK = “Simulator SDK” (development) and “Device SDK” (production) iOS Project Settings

Moves Input

  1. Download & Import Standard Assets Store StandardAssets

  2. Add Adam to the scene (third controller character) Adam to scene

  3. Find it in the project folder nav & add it to the hierarchy mob-input-proj-nav

  4. Disable and re-enable mobile inputs (unity menu bar) disable-enable-mobile-input

Obs.: a sample right button (jump is already there, just change it skin, to do it convert the image from default to Sprite2D UI) custom ui directional

Mobile Camera Moves

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