Unitysync Async


Unitysync.Async is an async extension library that allows you to use Task and Task<T> with continuations in Unity3D.

How to Use

If you have an async method that returns a Task or Task<T> then you can register a continuation with an extension method. You can provide various continuation types such as: Action, Action<T>, Func<T, TResult>, Func<T, Task<TResult>> and of course supports method delegates/lambdas.

The way this works is it starts a coroutine on the current Monobehaviour, using the Monobehaviour as a context for the continuation, and fires off the delegate once the async method has completed and the Task completition state is complete.

Service.DoSomethingAsync(someData, someMoreData)
	.UnityAsyncContinueWith(this, LogAndDipatchResult);
Service.DoSomethingAsync(someData, someMoreData)
	.UnityAsyncContinueWith(this, result => SomeEntity.SetResult(result.Something));

You can schedule multiple continuations on a single Task but the order of their execution is currently undefined if you schedule multiple on the same task.

You can even do a continuation into an async method which will of course return a Task<T> which can be continued on again, in a fluent method chaining pattern, and this execution order is defined since they are different tasks.

QueryClient.GetAvatarUrl(entityId) //async method that returns an endpoint
		.UnityAsyncContinueWith(this, GetAvatar2DImage) //async method that queries the endpoint for the avatar image
		.UnityAsyncContinueWith(this, InitializeAvatarMaterials); //non-async method that initializes the avatar materials


To compile or open Unitysync.Async project you’ll first need a couple of things:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Unity 2017.1 with .NET 4.6 enabled


NuGet: Unitysync.Async

Myget: hellokitty MyGet Build Status


TODO actual tests