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Template scripts to transfer OpenBCI data into Python or Unity

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Neurogenesis Cover Photo

Neurogenesis is a working group at the USC Ahmanson Lab during the 2019-2020 academic year. We are developing generative artwork using the OpenBCI headset.



This package includes several ready-to-use inlets for OpenBCI data streams.


How to Use (X)Inlet

1. Make sure LSL4Unity is in your assets folder
2. Make sure an LSL stream on the OpenBCI GUI is set to (X)
3. Set '# Chan' to the correct number (5 for bands, 125 for FFT, 1 for focus)
4. Drag this script onto the desired Unity object
5. Set the correct stream name (e.g. obci_eeg1) in the Inspector
6. Use (X)Inlet in other scripts applied to this object!

BandsInlet: a double inlet stream for OpenBCI band data.

FFTInlet: a float inlet stream for OpenBCI fast fourier transform (FFT) data.

FocusInlet: an integer inlet stream for OpenBCI focus data.

Example Use Cases

FocusForward: increments the z-position when the user is “focused”.

PrimitiveHeights: controls the height of Unity primitives given the value of the applied inlet stream.

BasicFlowField: creates a 3D flow field and particles whose movement are responsive to several inlet streams.


This package includes a ready-to-use inlet for OpenBCI data streams.

StreamFFT: a basic script to import an OpenBCI LSL stream into Python.

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